"You've Never Lived Until You've Loved in Rome!"*
(Quote from the1954 Movie: Three Coins in the Fountain)


Your Italy luxury tour visits Italy’s cities and breathtaking coasts. Travel to the sea visiting the Isle of Capri – drenched in sun, draped with luxury villas, and the rugged scenery of the Cinque Terre.  You’ll also visit Italy’s cultural gems Rome, Florence and Venice. This perfectly paced Italy luxury tour offers new views and cultural experiences every other day. 


11 Days in Italy

Venice — 4 nights

City of Romance

  • Virtually unchanged for the last six centuries, Venice is actually a group of islands made famous by a series of canals, bridges, monuments, piazzas, and narrow pedestrian lanes.

  • Satisfy your inner culture vulture at Cannaregio and Basilica di San Marco. You'll discover tucked-away gems like Dorsoduro and Isola di Burano. The adventure continues: contemplate the waterfront views at Canal Grande, browse the exhibits of Doge's Palace, explore the world behind art at Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and steep yourself in history at Ponte dei Sospiri.

  • Ah, the gondolas of Venice. Is there a more iconic symbol of this romantic city than the boats that take young lovers (and not-so-young lovers) through its many canals?

  • If you go to Venice, you must take a gondola ride.

Florence — 2 nights

Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance

  • Considered a cultural, artistic, and architectural jewel of Italy, Florence is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

  • Start off your visit snapping pictures at Ponte Vecchio, admire the masterpieces at Uffizi Galleries, and then steep yourself in history at Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

  • Examine the collection at Pitti Palace, get engrossed in the history at Basilica di Santa Croce, then examine the collection at Galleria dell'Accademia, then contemplate in the serene atmosphere at Basilica San Miniato al Monte, and finally take some stellar pictures from Piazzale Michelangelo.

  • The Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze, or "Gallery of the Academy of Florence", is an art museum in Florence, Italy. It is best known as the home of Michelangelo's sculpture David.

Rome — 3 nights

Eternal City

  • Aptly nicknamed the Eternal City, Rome is the birthplace of the Roman Empire, one of the world's greatest civilizations ever.

  • Satisfy your inner culture vulture at Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica. There's lots more to do: admire the landmark architecture of Pantheon, steep yourself in history at Colosseum, admire the local landmark of Trevi Fountain, and make a trip to Roman Forum. The Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512, is a cornerstone work of High Renaissance art.

  • Trevi Fountain is the most beautiful and most spectacular fountain in Rome. Millions of people visit it every year to make a wish.

  • "You've Never Lived Until You've Loved in Rome!" promised the tagline for the movie Three Coins in the Fountain. 

Capri, Island of Capri (in Italy’s Bay of Naples) — 1 night

  • The island of Capri encompasses all the magical allure of the Mediterranean--dramatic blue waters, lush mountainous landscape, and picturesque island villages.

  • Admire the natural beauty at Giardini di Augusto, don't miss a visit to I Faraglioni, then look for gifts at Carthusia, and finally take in the awesome beauty at Monte Solaro.

  • Just off the coast of Capri, I Faraglioni is one of Italy's most striking geological formations. The tallest of this chain of sea stacks, known as Stella, rises 109 m (357.6 ft) above the ocean. Over millions of years, the wind and surf have sculpted these figures out of solid rock. For a closer look, take one of the boat tours launched from Capri. 



"Buon appetito!"

Eating is a national pastime in Italy and the rules are clear: arrive hungry, and forget calories are a thing and just dive right in.



Such a beautiful city and has a unique cuisine. There is no shortage of sophisticated dining rooms or tiny informal restaurants


  • La Zucca:  It is a small yet charming restaurant located in the Santa Croce district and serves many innovative Venetian dishes at affordable prices. Visitors to the area should definitely head over to this restaurant, which is one of the best in Venice.

  • Osteria All’Arco:  Tourists who come here might be surprised that they are forced to stand in this tiny (but lovely) restaurant while they enjoy their lunch (except in summer when there is a small terrace).




  • Nobile Bistro:  This little bistro has barely any space inside but during the warm months there are plenty of tables outside in the charming Piazza Di Madonna Degli Aldobrandini to sit and enjoy the sunshine. The bistro mainly serves Panini which are an absolute favorite with the locals for lunch or as an afternoon snack.

  • Fuoco Matto:  A lovely restaurant situated just a minutes’ walk away from the city center that serves wonderful Italian and Tuscan food made to perfection. Whether you go for their fabulous appetizer of aged ham, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella or the mouth-watering Fiorentina steak you won’t be disappointed. For dessert, make sure to try their tiramisu.

  • 50 Sfumature di Gusto:  Playfully named 50 Shades of Taste is situated in the vicinity of Buonarotti House and the beautiful Basilica di Santa Croce. The simple and elegant interiors are enhanced by the wonderfully arranged food, made to resemble works of art serving everything Italian, from pizzas to pasta, from vegetable croquettes to steak tartare.




Best breakfast:  Pasticceria Regoli (Roman pastry)

Best brunch: Coromandel (Charming café)

Best pizza:   Pizzarium (Unbelievable)

Best food-coma date night: Roscioli (Settle in)

Best cheap eats: Pastificio (Neighborhood shop)

Best gelato: Fatamorgana (OMG!)

Best sandwich spot: Mordi e Vai (Art form)




  • Lido del Faro:  Is situated essentially at a terrace above the sea, overlooking a stunning cove lit by one of Italy’s biggest lighthouses, making it a perfect place to enjoy a sunset. Specializing in seafood dishes by revisiting classic Italian fare. These include Faro’s parmigiana di mare, where baked scabbard fish is added to the traditional recipe.

  • Le Grottelle:  As its name suggests, the interiors of the restaurant resemble a cave. It is tucked away from tourists and is an ideal stop after a peaceful walk. The menu includes homemade regional dishes such as the seafood scialatielli in tomato sauce and the restaurant’s renowned wood oven-cooked chicken, creating a balance of land and sea flavors that cater to anyone’s taste.

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