No doubt about it, I’m a romantic at heart.


Like — “surprising my husband with hundreds of rose petals and chilled champagne in our suite” kind of romantic.


What can I say? When I see a chance to add a little spark, a happy surprise, a touch of spontaneity back into our lives, I take it!


In fact, I think most couples today could use more intriguing adventure and romance in their lives. Wouldn’t you agree?


Many of the clients I work with are just so busy, always on the go-go-go, that one of the only times they get to truly reconnect with their loved ones is while on vacation.


So that’s why my mission is to make your romantic escape an unforgettable affair.


Not only that, I strive to make the whole planning experience effortless for you. Because if there’s not enough time in the day truly reconnect with your loved one, there’s definitely not enough time to sift through all the online review sites, travel forums, guides, books, videos, and more! That’s especially true if you’re trying to juggle planning your wedding at the same time.


Instead, let me be your matchmaker — pairing you with the perfect travel experience to complement your unique love story — and give you the personalized attention you deserve.


My goal is to give you both experiences that you will always remember and beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

I’d love to make the next chapter in your love story something extra special.

Whether you’re yearning for a luxurious honeymoon, a destination wedding in paradise, or a couples’ escape full of moments to reconnect, let’s chat about what you’re envisioning on a complimentary consultation call.


I invite you to schedule your call with me below. It’s your first step on the path to your next romantic journey!



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