Let’s Bring Your Dream Destination Wedding to Life


You’re destined to tie the knot in pure paradise.


Where warm ocean breezes ruffle the edges of your wedding dress, as you walk down an aisle carved in sand …


Where you say “I do” against a backdrop of glass-clear turquoise waters, an endless horizon stretching out behind you …


Where you and your sweetheart party the night away with your closest family and friends, soaking up the island flavor all together!


An intimate, luxurious destination wedding is your dream.


The only problem? Knowing where to start!


That’s why I help busy couples design their ultimate destination wedding, one that fits their unique vision and budget.

Because the truth is, planning the perfect destination wedding is overwhelming! From choosing the right resort, to coordinating flights and transfers, communicating with the resort wedding team, and then helping all your guests book their travel as well — planning your dream destination wedding quickly becomes an exhausting full-time job. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Stress-Free, Seamless Destination Wedding Planning

I want you to focus on all the exciting parts of wedding planning,
not the nitty-gritty, time-consuming details.

That’s why, when you work with me, you’ll get:


I love to pamper my clients, and that starts with giving their travel dream the time and attention it deserves.


We’ll start with a free consultation call so I can learn more about your destination wedding dream, and then we’ll work together to refine your vision.


I’ll tap into my network of travel contacts to ensure we pick a property that fits your unique romantic vision — as well as your budget and guests’ needs.


Instead of having to rely on confusing online reviews, you’ll feel incredibly confident about your location choices.



Coordinating and communicating all the travel logistics for your guests gets complicated, fast.


I take it off your plate by handling travel details for your entire destination wedding guest list — as well as for you!

Ready to start designing your dream destination wedding? Let’s chat on a complimentary consultation call:

Meet Your Honeymoon Match Maker


Your honeymoon isn’t just a vacation.


It’s your first steps into your new life together.


It’s a chance to explore hand-in-hand some of the most amazing destinations on earth.


It’s a chance to unwind and truly reconnect after the whirlwind wedding.


So let’s turn the page on your love story, and make sure your next chapter starts with an intriguing romantic adventure:



Whether it’s a cliff-side villa in the Italian Riviera or a sleek, sophisticated all-inclusive in the Caribbean, we’ll pinpoint the perfect honeymoon destination for you based on your budget, needs, and unique love story. Then, I’ll pair you with the perfect-for-you property.



When you’re busy planning your wedding, it’s easy to let your honeymoon slip to the wayside. I won’t let that happen! I’ll work behind the scenes to research, vet, and book every aspect of your honeymoon for you — all you have to do is approve the itinerary, pack your bags and jet off to paradise!



As your personal honeymoon advisor, I will be responsive and open to your needs — and you can expect to be kept in the loop throughout the entire planning process. Plus, I’ll be here to support you while you’re on your journey as well, only a phone call or email away if you need me!

Let’s spin the globe and see where your love story
will take you next!



Reconnect on the Romantic Escape
You’ve Been 
Dreaming Of


We all want to keep the romance alive … but often, our day-to-day
responsibilities get in the way!


Perhaps you’re busy balancing work demands and family life, with barely a minute to devote to your partner.


Or perhaps the kids are all grown and out of the house — and now it’s finally time to embark on that epic escape you and your spouse deserve.


Nothing brings people together like travel … which is why a romantic escape to that destination you’ve been dreaming about is the perfect way to reignite your love and reconnect with one another.


Let’s spin the globe and see where your love story will take you next! Here’s how I can craft an incredible romantic getaway for you both:



Go ahead and close out of Google! As your personal travel advisor, I’ll do all the research for you, drawing on my network of worldwide travel contacts to create your dream itinerary.


Expect custom recommendations based on your individual needs, budgets, and travel style.



From matching you with the ideal hotel or resort to booking all your tours and transfers, I’ll take care of the planning and booking process for you. That way, you can embark on a romantic adventure where everything has been perfectly planned to a “t”!



Once you’re off, I’ll still be just a phone call or email away. My planning services include support while you travel so I can take care of any hiccups or needs for you, like a missed flight. Leave the details to me and just enjoy your well-deserved together time at last!

From cruises and resort stays to custom European itineraries and African safaris, we’ll work together to craft a just-for-two getaway that has “you” written all over it!
Ready to reconnect on a whirlwind romantic escape? Let’s chat on a complimentary consultation call:


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